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News from the set cart: The Harman Job Posted on February 19th

“              This job started, like so many other jobs, with a call from the photographer.  The question was how to best approach the creative layout that the client had presented? I met up with the photographer and we had a chance to look through the high-res CGI prints delivered from the ad agency. The idea was clean and simple; they wanted 25 razor-sharp images, all extreme close-ups of products that could be blown up to 6x20 feet and viewed from arms length. I've worked on other jobs with focus stacking and knew that focus stacking could solve the problem with very narrow depth of field. To make the perfect image, we needed a high resolving camera with which to shoot between 100-150 plates for ...”

Lucozade Sport ‘Evolution’ – Filmed in the Ukraine

“  10 Canon 1D mark III cameras // 4 days // 99,767 frames Friday morning, I received a call asking whether I ...” Continue linkarrow
May 11th / 0 comments

SINAR workshop

“  Captureforce has teamed up with Sinar product specialist Jim Reed and Neo Studios to present our next workshop. This workshop ...” Continue linkarrow
October 18th / 0 comments

Color Relativity: Which Display is Right for You?

“Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the LCD displays offered by Apple, NEC and Eizo? We have ...” Continue linkarrow
October 17th / 0 comments

On-location with Kelly Kline

“    Kelly Kline advanced from bringing the play on the field, to bringing you the behind the scenes play by play ...” Continue linkarrow
October 12th / 0 comments

Digital Showcase – PS

“  Our first ever digital showcase took place last month, and It was an resounding success! We want to send out ...” Continue linkarrow
October 5th / 0 comments

Digital Showcase

“ Experience digital capture at its best with Captureforce Have you ever been frustrated about the following:•  Your "digital technician" is on ...” Continue linkarrow
September 18th / 0 comments

Our new Leaf Aptus 54S has arrived!

“Captureforce is the first company in NYC to receive the new Leaf Aptus 54S.The Aptus 54S is a full-frame 22MP ...” Continue linkarrow
September 17th / 0 comments

Cost comparison between Captureforce and major NYC competitors

“Quality is important, but so are the finances. We have compared the rates of the largest equipment rental-house in Manhattan, and ...” Continue linkarrow
July 28th / 0 comments

Digital Capture Service – January Special 25% Off

“ Step into the new year and take advantage of our January - February special: 25% off the first day of ...” Continue linkarrow
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